Realm Video Catalogue

Animation Reel

Policy research and public relations are the backbone of our animation work. Sometimes that means animated infographics (as seen on many of our featured websites) but when a simple web-based animation isn’t enough for the full story, we also offer short, shareable animations for social channels.

Real Life Gaming

With over 40m total views, our viral Real Life Gaming series is a perfect example of how we like to play – keeping things cheeky, interactive, and above all – innovative and new. Check out a quick smash of the whole journey, from the first Real Life First Person Shooter through Real Life Hitman for Square Enix, and beyond.

VFX Reel

An essential part of any production, large or small – VFX is modern day magic, and the people that weave it are wizards. Shoot down a spitfire? Voyage on a Spanish galleon? Maybe even visit Santa – we have you covered.

Film/TV Reel

If it wasn’t built inside a computer, or shot in interactive real-time – this is where it goes. We’ve got pirates and princesses, gangsters and goblins, dragons and drag-queens, and more than our fair share of adventure in the making of it all.

Commercial Reel

Travel destinations, adventure, music videos – all that good stuff ends up here. Mostly luxury resorts around the world. Don’t blame us if you feel the itch to book a holiday after watching.

Missing Mrs Claus

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time for a break. Grab a cuppa and come with us for a John-Lewis inspired christmas story we made to spread some awareness about elderly loneliness over the festive period.


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